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Cleber C. Ouverney

Ouverney, Cleber Costa

Asstociate Professor,  Biological Sciences

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(408) 924-4806

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Areas of Expertise: Biology

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  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Microbiology
    Stanford Univ, California, United States, 2004
  • Doctor of Philosophy. Univ Of Southern Cal, 1999
  • Master of Science, Environmental Sciences
    CSU-East Bay, California, United States, 1993
  • Bachelor of Science, Biology
    Occidental College, California, United States, 1990

Expertise Summary

The focus of the research in the Ouverney lab is to better characterize complex microbial communities by type and function. We are particularly interested in uncultured environmental Bacteria and Archaea closely related to microbes found in humans. By applying molecular culture-independent methods, we can identify, quantify, and measure metabolic activity in situ of those microbes at the single cell level. We are currently funded by the National Institute of Health to identify environmental sites harboring an uncultured bacterium known as TM7 to serve as human pathogen models. TM7 bacteria have been associated with human oral diseases such as periodontitis, and our model organisms can serve as an alternative approach to circumvent challenges related to collecting samples from humans. More details at Recent publication: