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Humanities 128 In Europe - Summer 2013



NETHERLANDS, BELGIUM, FRANCE, AND GERMANY (June 3-June 25) Imagine yourself not only able to read about the past, but in a way, to be able to return to it…In this three-week European tour, we will specifically consider (1) several wars and the cultural contexts that motivated them, (2) the rejection of colonialism and what followed from it, (3) an examination of totalitarianism, (4) attempts to develop global community and some of the challenges in doing so, as well as (5) developments in philosophy, literature and the visual and film arts, technology, science, economics, and politics. Our explorations will also include the media of contemporary culture. HUM 128: Perspectives on the 20th Century: The West in a Global Context, 3 Units (GE Area V)* *also can be a requirement for the Humanities minor/major

Flyer for HUM 128 Summer