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Humanities 1A, Fall, 2008

Time: T&R (lecture) 9:00-10:15, (seminar) 10:30-11:45
Location: Lecture: WSQ 109, Seminar: Sweeny Hall 412


Humanities 1A offers an integrated, interdisciplinary introduction to ideas, events and arts of world cultures that have endured and influenced people for centuries. We look at the development of world cultures from a variety of perspectives. Our aim is to develop an understanding of the origins of the values, institutions and attitudes that have contributed to producing the complex and diverse culture we share today.

We begin with the arts, literature and history of parts of Asia and Africa by examining the early cultures of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Israel and India. Since these cultures provide the groundwork for the development of later civilizations not only on parts of the two continents mentioned, but also on the European continent, we see how the movement from east and south to the Aegean and Mediterranean regions stimulates the growth of the Greek city-states and later the Roman Empire.