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FREN 132 - French for Professions: Library & Information Science

Time: Online
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This course provides special language instruction for students enrolled in the SLIS M.A. program.

A joint venture of the School of Library and Information Science and the Department of World Languages and Literatures, this course provides a foundation in French language and culture that will enhance the students' professional preparation as well as their interpersonal skills. The first semester course (Fall 2012) is primarily designed for beginners. Intermediate and advanced learners will benefit more by taking the second semester (Spring 2013).

The first objective of the course is to prepare the students to interact with French-speaking patrons from various countries and for this purpose the course content and activities will emphasize social and cultural aspects of communication. Secondly, by taking this course, the students will increase their proficiency in the use of information and communication technologies by being able to find information and resources in French.

Thirdly, through reading and communication exercises and exposure to the language, the students will practice using French for professional activities and will be better prepared to build professional relationships with librarians and public agencies in French-speaking countries.

Elementary (beginning) French for beginners: Basic French grammar and vocabulary; basic library and information science terminology and phrases, as well as vocabulary of domains or activities on which patrons often need information (health, immigration, banking, housing, employment, etc.) Three hours per week, online, synchronous and asynchronous modes, which will include vocabulary usage, language structure lectures, oral and written exercises, and cultural videos. Three hours per week of homework. Three tests, written and oral.

While the course is designed for beginners, students who have had one or two semesters of French are welcome. For those students, an online placement test is available to determine level at entrance. All students will take the placement test at the end of the semester. Instruction will be in English and French during the first weeks, to progressively be all in French, in order to simulate immersion conditions.