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MATH 100W - LaTeX

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Welcome! I will be teaching beginning LaTeX to the MATH 100W class this spring 2014. But even if you are not in 100W feel free to use anything posted below. LaTeX is the standard software package used by the scientific community to create professional quality documents (articles, reports, books, resumes, CVs, letters, etc.). I will post links to LaTeX resources here as well as handouts, so check back regularly.

Course Documents

Here you will find handouts, examples, templates, links to downloadable learning resources, etc. Please email me if any of the links are not working correctly or if you find any errors in the documents (especially any TeX templates that I post here). If you are just starting with LaTeX, read the "Introduction and Resources" document first. IMPORTANT! - some documents below are listed twice. One copy is the .tex file and the other is the .pdf document that it generates. Download both and view them side-by-side or download the .tex file and compile it. The best way to learn LaTeX is with examples and these documents provide many of them. For the Detaild Intro To LaTeX part 2, make sure you download the supplemental picture files that go with it.