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Schuster, David

Publications & Presentations

Keebler, J. R., Jentsch, F., & Schuster, D. (2014). The effects of video game experience and active stereoscopy on performance in combat identification tasks. Human Factors: The Journal of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. doi:10.1177/0018720814535248

Schuster, D., Rivera, J., Sellers, B. C., Fiore, S. M., & Jentsch, F. (2013). Perceptual training for visual search. Ergonomics. doi:10.1080/00140139.2013.790481

Cain, A. A., Schuster, D. (2014, May). Trust as a mediator between signal detection and security-related behaviors in cyber security. Presentation at Spartan Psychological Association Research Conference, San Jose, CA.

Kuhach, K. L., Koss, J., Schuster, D. (2014). The effect of transparency, reliability, and system error on automated intrusion detection systems. Poster presented at the Spartan Psychological Association Research Conference, San Jose, CA.

Cain, A. A., & Schuster, D. (2014). Measurement of situation awareness among diverse agents in cyber security. Proceedings of the IEEE International Inter-Disciplinary Conference on Cognitive Methods in Situation Awareness and Decision Support (CogSIMA), 1, 113-118. San Antonio, TX: IEEE.