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ScWk 240 Research Methods & Design

Time: Section 4 -- Monday 6 pm - 8:45 pm
Location: BBC 221
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Scientific method and problems of knowledge. Basic concepts and models of research methodology, qualitative research, program and practice evaluation in social work. Critical analysis of existing research on diverse and oppressed populations. (3 units)

Class Process Questionnaire

Instructions—near the end of class or at anytime after class please complete any of these questions and return to the Instructor (or put in Instructor's mailbox at the Department). You can also submit this by email. This is not required for grade or class participation. Do not put your name on this sheet, unless you want to follow up with Instructor.

Online Resources

Week 1: Social Work Research--Intro to Course

Week 3: The logic of scientific method and evidence-based practice

Week 4: Theory and Research

Week 5: Ethics; Intro to Measurement

Week 6: Measurement error, reliability, & validity

Week 7 Survey questions; Sampling

Week 8: Sampling cont.; Causality