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ScWk 298 -- Special Project Course

Time: Tuesday 3 - 5:45 (Class times will vary)
Location: TBA


Planning and implementation of Captstone Project emphasizing culturally appropriate measures and design strategies. Students produce a professionally written project demonstrating an understanding of the knowledge base underlying social work issues and appropriate interventions. (Prerequisite: ScWk 242, Credit/No Credit, 1 Unit).



SPSS Workshop

This workshop will cover basic SPSS data management and statistical functions and some things not covered in 242. See your notes from 242 for more detail on basic SPSS operations, data entry and statistics. We will cover the following topics that many students need when working with data from their agencies:

  1. Importing data from an Excel spreadsheet
  2. Recoding string variables into numerical ones
  3. Computing new variables
  4. Handling missing data
  5. Creating dummy variables
  6. Managing output files
  7. Selected univariate, bivariate and multivariate statistics (to be continued during the spring semester)

Online Resources

SJSU IRB policies, forms, etc.



Single case design; intro to qualitative research

Program Evaluation Methods

Writing Up Results Section

Review of quantitative and qualitative analysis procedures; tips on writing the Results section.

Writing Discussion Section

IRB Application Form example