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Social Work with Youth, Vietnam National University

Time: 11 January 2010 -- 20 January 2010
Location: University of Social Sciences and Humanities – Hanoi, Vietnam


This course will address social work practice with youth, focusing on vulnerable populations of youth who are at risk for problems in the areas of social, family, health, and mental health functioning. A transcultural perspective, along with a risk and resilience framework, will be used to address the problems of youth from various socioeconomic strata, ethnic groups, sexual preferences/orientation, and levels of exposure to victimization. Class material will include epidemiological evidence about the nature and extent of the problem, assessment protocols to understand the problem, intervention alternatives at multiple levels (the individual, family, community and larger society), and the evidence supporting their use. A combination of lecture, class discussion, small group exercise, and role playing will be used to accomplish the learning objectives. Class members will be encouraged to discuss examples of their work with youth in the community, as well as relate the course concepts to the problems and social service systems in Vietnam.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the course students will be expected to

  1. Identify the types of youth who are at-risk for problems in the areas of social, family, health, and mental health functioning
  2. Relate the theoretical bases of human development, the risk and resilience framework, and cultural/social change to the assessment and treatment of at-risk youth
  3. Identify the various social work roles in working with at-risk youth
  4. Apply the concepts of wellness, empowerment, and the strengths-based approach with vulnerable and at-risk youth
  5. Critically evaluate current practices at the levels of the individual, family, community and larger society, and be able to differentiate their use to address various problems for vulnerable youth
  6. Apply or adapt the policy and practice concepts to the needs of youth in Vietnam

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