Research & Scholarly Activity

Research & Scholarly Activity

  • Parental perspectives of ling./cult. diverse child
    The University of Texas at Austin
    The University of Texas at Austin, 2002-2003

    Description: Analysis of parental perspectives of bilingual children referred and placed in bilingual special education classrooms.

  • Collaborative Model of Community Study
    Office of Faculty Development
    Office of Faculty Development, 1996-1997

    Description: With Dayana Salazar from the Urban Planning Program in the College of Social Work. Developed a collaborative model of community study implemented in the preparation of social studies teachers and urban planners.

  • Study of language and learning disabilities
    US Dept of Education (OSERS)
    US Dept of Education (OSERS), 1991-1993

    Description: Characteristics of bilingual children referred and placed in special education programs, and the support systems they access.

  • Support for children's literacy development
    Faculty Development Grant
    Faculty Development Grant, 1991-1992

    Description: Children's access to community's funds of knowledge. How librarians at the Biblioteca Latinoamericana extend children's literacy skills.