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Elena A. Capella

Capella, Elena A.

Visiting Scholar,  Nursing

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Elena Capella is a specialist in quality improvement, compliance, and the improvement of clinical practice. Her work involves interacting with healthcare professionals to update clinical and administrative practices. Years of experience of working collaboratively with nurses, managers, physicians, and healthcare administrators to improve health care outcomes informs her approach to teaching.

Her courses focus on critical thinking and the application of theoretical concepts to authentic healthcare situations.  She believes that effective healthcare managers conscientiously and judiciously use research evidence to inform their clinical and administrative decision-making. Her teaching goal is to help students develop the critical analysis, decision-making, and communication skills they need to apply current research to the evaluation of clinical practice outcomes. She provides students with authentic experiences that prepare them for the impact their decisions will have on the health and well-being of others.


B.A., University of California;

M.S.N./M.P.A, University of San Francisco;

Ed. D., University of San Francisco


The Role of Physician Administrators in Promoting the Adoption of New Medical Treatments. UMI Dissertation Services, (May, 2006)

A Conceptual Framework for a Clinical Nurse Leader Program (with Margaret Maag, Robin Buccheri, and Diana Jennings). Journal of Professional Nursing, (November-December 2006)

Managing Change (Chapter 12), Legal Business Principles for Legal Nurse Consultants, (October, 2005)

Multimedia Statistics: A Design-Based Study of the Benefits of Student-Generated Multimedia for Learning in a Foundation-Level Statistics Course (With Mathew Mitchell and Pamela Andreatta). World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia, and Telecommunications, (June 2004)

Integrating Multimedia: Demonstrations of Student-Generated Products Made Within Regular Content-Driven Courses. (With Mathew Mitchell and Pamela Andreatta). World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia, and Telecommunications, (June, 2004)

Ethical Theory and the Practice of Legal Nurse Consulting (Chapter 8), Legal Nurse Consulting Principles and Practice, (November, 2002)


Organizational Theory, Healthcare Environment, Nursing Leadership, Healthcare Quality and Safety, Managed Care, Healthcare Law


Approaches that aid the diffusion of clinical best-practices, strategies that improve the quality and safety of healthcare services


Healthcare Quality Assurance, Risk Management, Legal Nurse Consulting, Investigation and Preparation of Medical Malpractice Claims


Multimedia in adult education, theoretical conceptualization of the education of nursing leaders


Dr. Elena Capella is a Compliance Professional at Central Coast Alliance for Health. She is a MedTeams® Certified Trainer in Crew Resource Management communication during time-stressed clinical situations. Dr. Capella has authored chapters and created online training for the American Association Legal Nurse Consultants. She is certified as a Legal Nurse Consultant (American Legal Nurse Consultant Certification Board) and as a Health Care Quality Professional (Healthcare Quality Certification Board).