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Klaw, Elena L

Publications & Presentations

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Klaw, E. (2009). Mentoring and Making it in Academe: A Guide for Newcomers to the IvoryTower. Rowman and Littlefield: University Press of America.

Mentoring is vital to success in both achieving a doctorate and in establishing a productive, satisfying career. Yet, the current apprenticeship model of doctoral education leaves many students feeling mystified, isolated, and overwhelmed. This book provides an antidote to marginalization in the academy. Drawing from the experiences of current and recent doctoral candidates, Mentoring and Making It illuminates the often covert norms of the academic enterprise and provides a rich and detailed overview of the steps involved in “becoming a PhD.” Written for students aspiring toward the doctorate, current doctoral candidates, and PhDs positioned at any step on the tenure ladder, Mentoring and Making It is an essential guide for PhD earners in their quest to create a rewarding career path within or outside of the ivory tower.