Semester Abroad in France Fall 2015

Semester Abroad in France | Fall 2015

August 15 – October 24, 2015 (France)

November 2 – December 8, 2015 (USA)

Elizabeth McGee (Dept. of Biological Sciences)

Arnaud Bergerol (Global Studies)

France is renowned for culture, cuisine, and its natural resources. This Semester Abroad in France program will provide an experiential SJSU Studies (GE) curriculum for SJSU students in France during the Fall 2015 semester. Through this extraordinary opportunity to experience the cultural mosaic of France over a three month period, this program will increase global literacy and promote global citizenship with people of diverse backgrounds and experiences. We will explore several different regions in France, including Paris, the Dordogne region, the Champagne region, Strasbourg/Alsace, and Normandy.  Students will study Paleolithic human evolution in the Dordogne region where the exceptional cave paintings and archeological and paleontological sites provide an unparalleled opportunity for students to understand the context of key events in human evolution with respect to earlier hominid evolution, the principles of evolutionary theory, and the nature of scientific inquiry (Area R). We will will study food and commerce in the Dordogne region, Alsace, and the Champagne region, from the family farm and the local marché to global export, and will understand the social and cultural roles of the local marché and specific food industries (e.g., truffles, regional cheese, wine, etc.) on influencing both French and American culture and society (Area V). Students will volunteer in a WWOOF program (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms) to study organic farming in France (a relatively new enterprise in France) and will participate in a comparable program once back in the US in order to examine issues regarding access to quality and safe nutrition across socioeconomic groups (Area S). Through numerous writing assignments, students will continue to develop advanced proficiencies in college-level writing and appropriate contemporary research strategies and methodologies to communicate effectively to both specialized and general audiences (Area Z). Additional excursions to areas of historical importance (e.g., Normandy) and global significance (e.g., Strasbourg – the seat of the European Union) will round out this exceptional experience. Students will enroll Science 189 (Multimedia Production) to document and communicate their experiences abroad with this program. This program embodies several of the University’s GE program objectives, including creating “intentional learners” who can adapt to new environments and integrate knowledge and ideas from different sources.

This program is open to all undergraduate with an interest in human evolution, international studies, and French food and commerce. In our previous short-term FLP programs to the southwest of France, we have had a broad diversity of majors including business, biology, chemistry, sociology, psychology, health sciences, and economics. McGee will teach Bio 101 (Area R), Bio 100w (Area Z) and Sci 157 (Area S). Bergerol will teach GLST 188 (Area V) and an additional course TBA. Although this program will have a significant experiential component, we will also integrate traditional assignments (including readings and research projects), lectures, and assessments (exams). 

Both McGee and Bergerol have significant experience teaching SJSU students in France. We have run four summer programs for a total of 48 SJSU students and have a fifth program planned for Summer 2014. McGee will be the CSU Resident Director in France for AY 2014-2015. Bergerol was born and raised in France, and in addition to teaching, will be the program’s linguistic and cultural liaison. This program will require a significant amount of time on the road (6 of the 10 weeks in France) and we are capping it at 15 due to transportation and lodging constraints. The cost of the program will be about $9900 per student, and includes tuition/registration, Study Abroad FLP fees, health insurance, lodging, about two-thirds of the meals, entrance fees to all museums and sites, materials fees, and transportation in France (airfare to/from France is not included). This program is offered during SJSU's regular session and students receiving financial aid should be able to use that aid to pay for program fees.

For more information, contact Applications are due December 10 to Á bientôt!