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Green, Elna C.

Publications & Presentations

(editor) In Black and White: An Interpretation of the South, by Lily Hardy Hammond (Athens: University of Georgia Press, “Southern Texts” series, 2008) (editor) Looking for the New Deal: Letters from Florida Women during the Great Depression (Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, “Southern Women’s Letters and Diaries” series, 2007) (author) This Business of Relief: Confronting Poverty in a Southern City, 1740-1940 (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 2003) (editor) The New Deal and Beyond: Social Welfare in the South since 1930 (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 2003) (editor) Before the New Deal: Social Welfare in the South, 1830-1930 (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1999) (author) Southern Strategies: Southern Women and the Woman Suffrage Question (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1997) “Relief from Relief: The Tampa Sewing Room Strike of 1937 and the Right to Welfare,” Journal of American History (March 2009) “Protecting Confederate Soldiers and Mothers: Pensions, Gender, and the Welfare State in the South, A Case Study from Florida,” Journal of Social History (June 2006) “Hidden in Plain View: Eugene Poulnot and the History of Southern Radicalism,” Florida Historical Quarterly (winter 2005-2006) “Gendering the City, Gendering the Welfare State: The Nurses Settlement of Richmond, Virginia,” Virginia Magazine of History and Biography (Fall 2005) "From Antisuffragism to Anticommunism: The Conservative Career of Ida M. Darden," Journal of Southern History (May 1999) "Infanticide and Infant Abandonment in the New South: Richmond, Virginia, 1865-1910," Journal of Family History (April 1999) "New Women," "True Daughters," and "Mad Women": The Literature on Woman Suffrage in the South," Atlanta History (Fall-winter 1996-97) "The Rest of the Story: Kate Gordon and the Opposition to the Nineteenth Amendment in the South," Louisiana History (Spring 1992) "Those Opposed: The Antisuffragists in North Carolina, 1900-1920," North Carolina Historical Review (July 1990)