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Senior Capstone Course: Psychopathology & the Cinema [PSYC 190]

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The catalog description of the course is as follows: Integrative survey of current viewpoints and issues in psychology, how they developed and likely future directions of psychology. In this class, this goal is to use the medium of film to discuss the different portrayals and corresponding intellectual and emotional narratives of human suffering or psychopathology. The primary goal is to refine student’s critical thinking skills applicable to the study of abnormal behavior and to appreciate this in a broad cultural context. Specifically, our course objectives are as follows: 1. to review and develop skills in understanding differing epistemologies and to critically evaluate their role in our culture’s understanding of human suffering 2. to focus, refine, and provide evidence of your critical thinking skills in the evaluation of diagnostic psychopathology with a specific emphasis on accurate and inaccurate portrayals of human suffering in film 3. to demonstrate competence in oral presentation and communication 4. to demonstrate competence in written communication by analyzing, synthesizing, and integrating existing psychology literature relevant to this topic 5. to demonstrate an integration of knowledge and skills developed across the psychology major including an appreciation of contextual variables such as gender and ethnicity as they relate to psychological principles and human behavior 6. to provide evidence of skills in researching the psychology literature (including accessing electronic and print journal articles in libraries and beyond) 7. to thoughtfully apply these skills to topics of interest

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