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Clinical Psychology [PSYC 160]

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This course is intended to provide you with an overview of clinical psychology. It will focus on a variety of issues pertinent to the field with respect to settings, clients, practice, science, training, and directions the field is taking. We will also discuss assessment, classification, approaches to therapy, demonstration of clinical effectiveness, and the ethics that guide practice. We will highlight some general issues around psychological treatments. This course will not cover the theories and methods of psychotherapy, as those are covered in another course offered by the Department of Psychology. A significant portion of the class will also cover the different types of graduate study in psychology, focusing on the variety of graduate degrees relevant to clinical practice. This portion of the class will include information about strategies to be admitted into graduate school.

In this course, we will emphasize the development of your critical thinking skills. Clinical psychology, like most areas of science, is not a field with easy answers to difficult psychological and philosophical questions. In this vein, we will work to thoughtfully examine the different approaches to assess, study, and alleviate human suffering. This development of critical thinking is intended to help you become more critical consumers and evaluators of psychological services as well as assist with your decisions about your place in the field of psychology.

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