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Clinical Psychopharmacology [PSYC 232]

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Course Description: This graduate course on clinical psychopharmacology is designed to (1) create an understanding of the role of psychopharmacology in clinical psychotherapy service delivery and research; (2) develop a basic understanding of the systemic effects of drugs and issues of bioavailability, tolerance, interactive effects; (3) familiarize you with the processes and mechanisms of neurochemical transmission; (4) develop your understanding of the mechanisms of action of prescription medications and drugs of abuse; (5) learn the common medications used for different psychological disorders; (6) develop a basic understanding of the integration and collaboration of mental health care into medical and other settings using psychopharmacological treatments; and (7) develop your critical thinking skills about the role of medications in the treatment of psychological disorders and human suffering. This course combines clinical psychological issues with biology and psychophysiology. This course is resides in both the Masters of Arts in Experimental Psychology and Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology programs. The course will emphasize both basic research and applied clinical science. Because the program is a required core course in the MS Clinical Program, there will be an emphasis placed on the clinical application of medications in the context of psychological services. However, the course does place an additional emphasis on the biological processes of neurotransmission. All of the material is taught at the graduate level and will be demanding.

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