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Clinical Fieldwork [Psyc 243]

Location: TBA


This is a year-long graduate course intended to directly complement your required clinical fieldwork placement as part of your training in the MS Clinical program here at SJSU. The course serves multiple functions including addressing and developing professional skills, addressing challenges in fieldwork placements, and providing general consultation of ongoing clinical cases. This course will never provide direct supervision of cases in lieu of that required by fieldwork placement supervisors. However, we will use the opportunity of meeting to discuss broader issues as they apply to the clinical training of qualified psychotherapists.

We will attempt to use the fieldwork course across both semesters to address and ameliorate any deficits in training that become apparent to the student clinician, the instructor of this course or any other, or the program director. This may include creating assignments during the semester to develop or strengthen these identified skills areas. Any assignments that are created for the course will be mandatory. Course credit will be assigned based on attendance of the course, participation, completion of hours, AND completion of assignments that occur during the semester.

Specific goals and objectives for this course are as follows:
1. Continue to develop case presentation and conceptualization skills
2. Continue to facilitate and trouble-shoot receiving adequate on-site supervision of therapy cases for fieldwork
3. Develop consultation skills for providing suggestions to other therapists
4. Develop professional skills for engaging various aspects of the mental health profession
5. Continue to refine skills to engage in the highest level of professional and ethical mental health service provision
6. Provide illustrations of competent clinical practice including the use of clinical data
7. Continue to develop an understanding of strengths and challenges as a psychotherapist
8. Develop an understanding of professional burnout and the importance of self-care as a psychotherapist

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