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General Psychology [PSYC 1]

Time: Summer Session T & R 9:00-12:45
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This course is designed to provide you with an overview of the range of content studied in psychology. We will discuss the definitions of the field, the theories that underlie it, research methods used to investigate psychological phenomena, and a variety of topics investigated by psychologists. Because this is a survey course of an enormously large field, we will not be able to cover every topic, nor will the topics covered always offer as much depth as the student may be seeking in that area. However, other psychology courses are offered that specialize in both the areas covered and those that we will not have a chance to discuss.

The two primary goals of the course are to provide students with a broad understanding of psychology and develop critical thinking skills applicable to the study of human behavior. In particular, my goal for this semester is to foster students’ critical thinking about the application of psychological principles and their use in our everyday lives.

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