Psych 175 Management Psychology

Time: Wednesday 6pm - 8:45pm

Location: DMH 160


Interpersonal effectiveness is about understanding and managing behavior. This course will focus on management behavior and your own behavior in the work or school environment. It is important to understand relationships in the working environment for the success of individuals and for the ultimate contributions to the business bottom line. The key to this course is to ensure you have the understanding and skills to be successful in today’s organizations. We will focus on mastering the understanding of human relations. KEY OBJECTIVES You will learn how to manage stress, change and personal problems. You will understand how to work with diverse groups of people. You will understand how to conduct conflict resolution and the importance of effective confrontation skills. You will also understand the importance of ethics in the work environment. We will also cover the importance of leadership and what makes someone a successful leader. Individuals will understand the difference between leadership and management. We will also learn how to identify skills, motivate, develop and persuade others.



Course Documents

All documents for course. Please make sure sure you bring your group outline to class. Otherwise there will be no homework this week, except for the outline.



The Syllabus for the course.