Howard W Combs

Department of Marketing and Decision Sciences
College of Business

San José State University
One Washington Square
San Jose, CA 95192-0069

The Lucas College of Business was ranked 8th in the country based on their algorithm.




Preferred: (408) 924-3501

Office Hours

Fall 2018: Online and on campus as needed

Office Location

BT 760 

Link to Canvas Student Resources


My three sections of Bus 130 will have monthly on-campus class meetings with most of the material covered online.  All of the on-campus class meetings will be on Fridays from 9:00 a.m. until noon in BBC 202.  Students who have a class conflict during this time or are unable to attend an on-campus class on Friday mornings should not register for my sections of Bus 130.  

The first two on-campus class meetings of my Bus 130 classes (all sections) will be on Friday August 24th and on Friday August 31st.  These class meetings are mandatory as instructions for accessing the online material will be provided.  

Students who are currently enrolled but miss those class meetings may be dropped from the class.  Students not currently enrolled but wish to add the class must attend those two class meetings to see if this will be possible.  Please monitor my SJSU home page and join the LINE group for additional updates about this class.


Instructions for adding into the LINE group for Bus 130

The LINE messaging app will be used for communication in my Bus 130 sections in Fall 2018.  This app is designed for smartphones but it will also work on a laptop/tablet.

If you do not already have LINE, please install it on your smartphone or laptop/tablet.  LINE is free and can be found by Googling “LINE.”

Once you have installed LINE, use the QR code shown below to be added into the Bus 130 class group.  Students currently enrolled and those wishing to add are welcome to add into the LINE group.

 QR Code