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Soci 100W, The Writing Workshop

Time: T R 1:00 - 2:55 PM
Location: Clark 234


Professionals must know how to write because that is the primary means of communication among them. This reality led SJSU to create writing courses for students within their majors, helping students learn how to write like the professionals in the major they chose to study. This course will help you to learn to write the way sociologists write. This means that you will learn general writing skills (clear, conventional American written English) as well as the conventions of writing in the sociological profession. Sociologists are typically interested in conveying knowledge about societal facts that they and others have documented. Therefore, the language of sociologists is focused, factual, and technically precise. You should learn to write like that in this course. In keeping with the focus on sociological writing, you will learn the conventions of writing established by the American Sociological Association.

The course paper will be based on reactions to the following video: