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Soci 104B - Advanced Quantitative Research Methods

Time: MW 10:30 - 11:45 AM
Location: HGH 124


The focus of this semester’s research will be the evaluation of Sunday Friends. Sunday Friends, a local nonprofit program, has agreed to participate in a research project that will help them determine whether their programming is helping the children and families that they serve. They will use the research report that we generate to improve organizing efforts with an eye toward helping participants benefit more from and feel more satisfied with their experiences. In this semester we will consult with Sunday Friends to establish the goals of the research project and to identify objectives that we will meet. The class will generate a literature review that will guide our efforts, create a data collection strategy and instruments, collect and analyze the data, and write a research report for Sunday Friends. We will collectively produce a document, but each student will have organizing duties for one particular component of the research. When the semester is finished, you will have gained knowledge of how to appropriately plan and conduct an in-depth applied research project. The skills you will learn and use are marketable. They are the same skills that consultants use and that many employers are seeking.