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Soci 152 (JS 120), Juvenile Delinquency

Time: MW 10:30am - 11:45am
Location: Sweeney Hall 347


Juvenile Delinquency explores issues, theories and research in juvenile delinquency (i.e., participation in illegal or antisocial behavior by minors). This course will attempt to provide deeper understandings about the typical behaviors and associations considered delinquent, as well as how juveniles become youth offenders. We will take a critical look at the ways our society defines delinquency, trying to understand why particular behaviors and particular categories of people are more often the targets of official control efforts. Through these explorations you should gain a new understanding of what juvenile delinquency involves, as well as the ways juvenile delinquency is created and responded to. Students should acquire new understanding of their own offending behaviors and may gain knowledge useful for working with juveniles in applied settings such as schools, social service settings, or youth detention centers. Parents will likely gain strategies for coping with and/or preventing delinquency among their children.
We must watch out for children like Fred: