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Sociology of Childhood

Time: MW 10:30 - 11:45 AM
Location: DMH 227


This seminar course explores sociological issues, theories and research on childhood from infancy to adolescence. Through course readings and discussions, the course will cover the social world that our society provides for children, and the social world that children create for themselves. The course will also address the expectations that we--our culture, society, parents, policy makers--have for children, and whether these expectations are accurate. Children are socialized in a variety of social institutions (e.g., schools, family, work); the course should help us understand the effects these institutions have on children's lives and futures. Sexism, racism, classism, and abuse also affect children, and this course will explore these and other negative childhood experiences. Children are not just receptors for socialization; the course will also address how their lives and experiences shape society now and for the future. Finally, the course will address the future of childhood. This course may be especially beneficial to current or future policy makers, supervisors of children, and parents alike.