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ChAD 161 Child Care Administration II


The methods, procedures, and practices discussed in this course are grounded in theories of child development and research in the areas of social/emotional and cognitive development; theories of learning and motivation; research on contextual influences on development (e.g., child care, family, community); parental involvement; and the management of curriculum design and implementation for the early years.

In the context of program development, the course is designed to provide program planning and management instructions for individuals who will be responsible for the administration of early care environments. Through the examination of age, individual, family, cultural, and economic diversity in relation to program design, students develop the skills to implement and manage optimal educational environments for young children.

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

Ø     Develop the ability to design, implement, and assess high quality programs for children that promote their optimal development.

Ø     Learn program-planning strategies that address the needs of diverse children and their families.

Ø     Develop the skills to engage parents in childcare programs.

Ø     Understand how to plan and manage and evaluate childcare facilities.

Ø     Develop skills to train staff in programs for young children.