Pfeiffer, Jeanine M.

Pfeiffer, Jeanine M.

Lecturer AY-B, Humanities
Lecturer AY-B, Environmental Studies





Preferred: 707.969.7490

Alternate: 408.924.4312

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WED 1-2:30 or online by appointment via Skype or Teleconference


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Ecology, Univ Of Cal-Davis, 2004
  • Master of Science, University of California at Davis, 1993
  • Bachelor of Arts, Boston University, 1988



AMS/ENVS/HUM 159: Nature and World Cultures
ENVS 10: Life on a Changing Planet


Ethnoecology, biocultural diversity conservation, gender and the environment, traditional ecological knowledge, indigenous resource management, community-based & participatory action research, agrobiodiversity, agroecology, cultural ecology, historical ecology, ecotourism, biological invasions and biocultural diversity.



Pfeiffer, J. 2015. “Indonesian Dungeons (and Dragons).” Longform essay published in three parts in Nowhere [online] blog.

Part 1

Part 2

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Pfeiffer, J. 2014. Wet Mouth. A poem set to music and images. Debuted at the Fishtrap Writer’s Conference in Wallowa, Oregon.

Pfeiffer, J. 2014. Clear Lake Hitch: A Threatened Keystone. Presented as part of public testimony at the August 6th 2014 California Fish and Game Commission meeting in San Diego (CA) where the hitch was officially listed as a threatened species.



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2008 – 2011        NSF RCN-UBE Grant No. DBI-0840946 Education Network in Ethnobiology

2008 – 2010        NIH-ICBG Grant No. RFA-TW-08-003 Biodiversity Surveys in Indonesia

2005 – 2007        Training Grants, Indonesian Ministry of Forestry      

2003 – 2004        University of California Pacific Rim Research Grant 

2000 - 2003        UC Davis NSF-IGERT for Biological Invasions; Student Fellowship

1999 – 2004        University Research Expeditions Program – Field Research Grants           1999 – 2004        U.S. Fulbright Commission - Student Award for Research in Indonesia