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Jeanine M. pfeiffer

pfeiffer, Jeanine M.

Lecturer AY-B,  Humanities
Lecturer AY-B,  Environmental Studies

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PhD in Ecology, University of California at Davis, 2004.
The application of collaborative ethnobiological research towards the conservation of indigenous biocultural diversity.

MSc in International Agricultural Development, University of California at Davis, 1993.
Exploring the interface between researchers and recipients of agricultural technology: The case of soybean in Oyo State, Nigeria.

BA in Latin American Development, Boston University, 1988.
The disaster of Armero (Colombia): An evaluative inquiry into government reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts.

International Projects:

Founder and Executive Advisor, Tado Cultural Ecology Conservation Program (Flores Island, Indonesia).

International Society for Ethnobiology - Working Group on Implementing the ISE Code of Ethics

Courses Taught:

AMS/ENVS/HUM 159: Nature and World Cultures
ENVS 10: Life on a Changing Planet

Research Fields:

Ethnoecology, biocultural diversity conservation, gender and the environment, traditional ecological knowledge, indigenous resource management, community-based & participatory action research, agrobiodiversity, agroecology, cultural ecology, historical ecology, ecotourism, biological invasions and biocultural diversity.

Peer-Reviewed Publications:

Pfeiffer J., M. Rocha, B. McConnell and the Yurok Tribe. November 2010. “Native Science, Harvesting, and Conservation.”

Pfeiffer, J.M., with the Tado and Waerebo Communities, and Lizzie Gish. 2010. Countering the Loss of Knowledge, Practices, and Species on Flores Island. Pages 55-58 in L. Maffi and E. Woodley, eds., Biocultural Diversity Conservation: A Global Sourcebook. Earthscan Publications, London and Washington DC. ISBN 978-1-84407-929-9. [A previous version is available as Pages 81-87 in in L. Maffi and E. Woodley, eds., Global Source Book for Biocultural Diversity: Worldwide Experiences in an Integrated Approach to Sustaining Cultures and Biodiversity. [online] URL:]

Pfeiffer, J.M.. and R. Voeks. 2008. Biological invasions and biocultural diversity: linking ecological and cultural systems. Environmental Conservation 35(4):1-13. doi:10.1017/S0376892908005146.

Pfeiffer, J.M., Mia, R., Erni, B. and I. Faridah. 2007. Traditional remedies for women’s and children’s health issues on Flores Island. Pages 223-233 in Sutarjadi, et al., editors, Women’s Health and Traditional Medicine. Surabaya: Airlangga University Press.

Pfeiffer, J.M. and E. Huerta Ortiz. 2007. Invasive plants impact California native plants used in traditional basketry. Fremontia 35(1):7-13.

Pfeiffer, J.M., Dun, S., Mulawarman, B. and K. J. Rice. 2006. Biocultural diversity in traditional rice-based agroecosystems: indigenous research and conservation of mavo (Oryza sativa L.) upland rice landraces of eastern Indonesia. Environment, Development, and Sustainability 8(4):609-625.

Pfeiffer, J.M.. and R.J. Butz. 2005. Assessing cultural and ecological variation in ethnobiological research: the importance of gender. Journal of Ethnobiology 25(2): 240-278.

Pfeiffer, J., and Y. Uril. 2003. The role of indigenous parataxonomists in botanical inventory: from Herbarium Amboinense to Herbarium Floresensis. Telopea 10(1): 61-72. [This article has been translated into Bahasa Indonesia.]

Pfeiffer, J. and E. Espeland. 2003. Book Review. Egan, D., and E. A. Howell, editors. 2001. The historical ecology handbook: a restorationists' guide to reference ecosystems. Island Press, Washington, D. C., USA. Society & Ecology 7(1):11. [online] URL:

Pfeiffer, J. 2002. Gendered interpretations of biocultural diversity in Eastern Indonesia: ethnoecology in the transition zone. Pages 43-63 in: H. Lansdowne, W. Neilson and P. Dearden eds., Communities in Southeast Asia: Challenges and Responses. Victoria (Canada): Centre for Asia Pacific Initiatives.

Publications in Preparation:

Z. Sudirman and J.M. Pfeiffer. (In Review) Incorporating intangible cultural uses into ethnobotanical research: a study of Tado. Submitted to Flora Malesiana VI Proceedings.

Pfeiffer, J.M. and the Tado Community. (In Revision) Cultural ecology of native fruits and affiliate species: traditional plant use of the Kempo Manggarai, Flores Island (Indonesia). For submission to Economic Botany.

Pfeiffer, J.M. and C. Grant. (In Prep.) Nutritional challenges for rural communities in eastern Indonesia. For submission to Ecology of Food and Nutrition.

Uril, Y. and J.M. Pfeiffer. (In Prep.) The cultural ecology of the Aren Palm (Arenga pinnata) on Flores Island, Indonesia. For submission to Human Ecology.