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ANTH 140 Human Sexuality (BIO140)

Time: Fall 2013, Section 2 MW 10:30-11:45, Section 5 TTH 3:00-4:15
Location: Section 2, Clark 310, Section 5, Clark 204


Text: Edlin, Gordon and Eric Golanty. 2012. Human Sexuality: The Basics. Sudbury, Massachusetts: Jones and Barlett. The publisher’s list price is $57.95 new. Access it at: Print ISBN 13:978-0-7637-3652 eText: Access it at: The e-text is $28.95 from Coursesmart. Additional Reading will be posted on the class website in PDF format.

Additional Reading may be found in the Anth140 Online Library at: If you use a Apple computer and can open only the first page of a PDF, visit this website:


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