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RTVF 120 Intermediate Audio, KSJS Radio Programming and Production

Time: Tuesdays or Thursdays Lecture-6:00pm to 7:45pm, Lab-8:00pm to 9:45pm
Location: Lecture-HGH 120, Lab-HGH 121F


RTVF 120 Intermediate Audio is the second class in the RTVF audio studies track. Formerly RTVF 150, the curriculum is currently in transition. Until the class documents are finalized, last year's documents are posted here to give students an idea of some of the topics covered

This class is an introduction to radio programming and fundamental techniques of audio production for KSJS-FM. Lab experiences in programming and production basics, including music and public affairs programming and production.

Students will explore commercial, educational and non-profit radio in general and KSJS specifically.  We will also discuss current trends in marketing, broadcast policy and business practices relating to radio specifically and to electronic media as a whole.   Students will be introduced to the digital production system, Pro Tools.