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Hist 121B: Medieval Worlds, 1000-1500

Time: TR 1330-1445
Location: DMH-165


This course surveys European History from ca. the year 1000 through ca. 1500 A.D. Using lectures, audio-visual presentations, class discussions, and secondary and primary sources, we will examine the major themes and developments of this period, which arguably gave the Western world many of its characteristic ideas and institutions. These include: the separation of Church and state, romance and romantic love, the institution of the papacy, the university, and the corporation, Gothic art and architecture, trial by one's peers, and constitutional monarchy. It also examines the commercial revolution and revival of urban life, the intellectual and artistic revival of twelfth century, interactions between the European, Byzantine, and Islamic worlds, and the late medieval transformations leading to modernity. The instructor uses primary sources as the main avenue for investigating this period; consequently, in addition to examinations and active participation in discussion, students will be required to write short analytical papers using assigned primary sources from the period as well as a research paper using secondary and primary sources.

Additional Readings

Brief overview of the Church in Ottonian Germany