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Foundations of Chicana and Chicano Studies

Time: Saturday 10:30am -3:00pm. First Meeting Dates: August 23.
Location: Clark and King Library, CHC Room 525


Please send me an email at to obtain a course add code (I am not sure why the department is asking for this). I check my email and will respond promptly. This graduate seminar examines the development of Chicana and Chicano Studies focusing on concepts, terms, theoretical formulations, and intellectual trajectories. Readings Include: Barrera, M. Race and Class in the Southwest, Almaguer, T. Racial Faultlines, Pardo, M.S. Mexican American Women Grassroots Community Activists, Peña, D. Terror of the Machine, Rosaldo, R., Culture and Truth, Acuña, R., The Making of Chicana/o Studies, Pendleton Jiménez, K. How to get a girl pregnant, Selections from various authors including: Romano, Cervantes, Vaca, Alarcón, Moraga, Rebolledo, among others. Articles will be available as electronic reserves at King Library. Additional Materials on Canvas.