Race and Ethnicity in Public Space (01)

Time: Tuesday, Thursday 12:00-1:15PM

Location: Clark Hall 238


This course explores race and ethnicity in modern communities. We go outside of the classroom to observe how race and ethnicity are experienced and affect life in everyday life. CLASS MATERIALS ARE AVAILABLE ON CANVAS--requires login. Frosh and Sophomore Students are especially encouraged to sign up for this course. Satisfies GE Area D1

Course Texts

  • Feagin, Joe R. 2014. Racist America. Taylor and Francis. ISBN:   9780415704014

  • Fernandez-Kelly, Patricia. 2015. Hero’s Fight. Perseus D. ISBN: 9780691173054

  • Gonzales, Roberto. 2016. Lives in Limbo. Perseus D. ISBN:  9780520287266

  • Stevenson, Bryan. 2014. Just Mercy: Story of Justice and Redemption. Penguin/Rand. ISBN: 9780812994520

  •  Verdecchia, Guillermo. 1997. Fronteras Americanas: American Borders. Perseus Press. ISBN: 9780889223837