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English 1A Fall 2013

Time: sec 13 MW 9-10:15, sec 16 TTh 9-10:15, sec 26 TTh 10:30-11:45
Location: sec 13 BBC 120, sec 16 BBC 124, sec 26 BBC 124


English 1A is the first course in SJSU’s two-semester lower-division composition sequence; it provides an introduction to baccalaureate-level composition, with attention to the “personal voice” and personal experience, on the one hand, and the more formal attitudes and demands of writing at the university (expository and argumentative essays), on the other. Students will develop college-level reading abilities, rhetorical sophistication, and writing styles that give form and coherence to complex ideas and feelings.

Writing Samples

Please note: These are all good models, but they aren't perfect, especially the ones from students. Use them with care. Do not imitate them too closely, as part of what makes them special is their uniqueness, which cannot be imitated. Tell your OWN stories in your own voice.

Peer Reviews

The peer review workshop is a key part of what will make you a better writer, so it is definitely in your interest to come to them and bring a full rough draft. If for some reason you can't come, though, you must print out a peer review sheet and get someone else to fill it out. You will then turn in the sheet, your rough draft, and the final revised draft. If you skip this process, your paper will be docked 20%.