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English 117B global film, lit, culture

Time: Friday 9:30-12:15
Location: SH 413


Using films and literary works, students will appreciate and understand the narratives that create and define cultural identity, explore cultural interaction, and illustrate cultural preservation and cultural difference over time. We also examine how the films utilize the approaches to story-telling differently from traditional fictional forms: especially plays, short stories and poetry. We will look at films and read texts that are written in, set in, or depict multiple time periods and world cultures, with an emphasis on Ireland and other former colonies of the British Empire, including the U.S. Some of the common themes we will explore across these widely different texts and cultures will include the ways in which national and cultural identities are formed and contested, particularly in the telling of stories and the recording of history; imperialism, occupation, and war; the role of the artist in society, and dynamics of class, gender, race, and religion.

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