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English 100W Writing Workshop Spring 2011

Time: Th 1:30-2:45
Location: SH 444


English 100W is an integrated writing and literature course in which students will develop advanced proficiency in college-level writing. Beyond providing repeated practice in planning and executing essays, and advancing students’ understanding of the genres, audiences, and purposes of college writing developed in Written Communication 1A and 1B, English 100W broadens and deepens those abilities to include mastery of the discourse specific to the field of English studies, with an emphasis on close and careful reading of literary texts. Students will develop the ability to read, analyze, and interpret literary texts intelligently, and to respond to them critically both orally and in writing; advanced proficiency in both traditional and contemporary research strategies and methodologies necessary for writing research-informed papers that communicate complex ideas effectively and appropriately to both general and specialized audiences; a rhetorically sophisticated writing style appropriate to upper-division university discourse; and mastery of the mechanics of writing.

Syllabus and Schedule

This schedule will likely be adjusted as the semester unrolls, but I will tell you in class of any changes.