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TA 10: Theatre Appreciation

Time: Fall 2013--Mon/Weds. 12:00-1:15
Location: HGH 103 Hal Todd Theatre


Theatre Appreciation is the study of the historical and cultural contexts of theatre around the world. Seeing and writing about plays. Hands-on experiences in the arts and crafts of live theatre. Theatre Appreciation gives students the opportunity to study live performance theoretically, historically, and practically to enable them to understand and enjoy this unique art form. Students will discover that live performance is a collaborative artistic process that requires the creative collaboration of many artists including the playwright, the director, the actors, the costume designer, the scenic artists, and the lighting and sound designers. Students will learn that a performance is the result of many forces coming together, some tangible, some intangible, but always including the physical presence of the performers and the audience, and the need to communicate a story. Theatre is also a study of the diversity, exploration and expression of the human experience. Students will additionally compare and contrast the uniqueness of live performance with selected film performances.