Publications & Presentations

Uhlik, Kim S

Publications & Presentations

ORIGINAL RESEARCH (Lines of inquiry highlighted: Partnership, and Pedagogy):

Published, or In Press (invited, peer-reviewed, or juried):

Book Chapter:

Uhlik, K. S., & Bates, M. (In Press). Management of maintenance operations (4th ed.). In B. van der Smissen, M. Moiseichik, V. Hartenburg, & L. Twardzik. (Eds.). Management of Park and Recreation Agencies: Manual for Agency Accreditation.  Ashburn, VA: National Recreation and Park Association. (invited)

Professional Journals, and materials published as full articles or linked modules in electronic formats:

Uhlik, K. S. (In Press). A conceptual inquiry into the integration of sacred nature, society, and leadership in Outdoor Recreation and Experiential Education programs. Journal of Experiential Education(peer-reviewed: partnership)

Uhlik, K. S.  (2008).  Academic advisorslearning styles: Establishing a baseline and examining implications.  NACADAJournal, 28(2).  (peer-reviewed)

Uhlik, K. S. (2008). Toward a theory of partnership as a context for a theory of leisure.  Proceedings of the 2007 North Eastern Recreation Research (NERR) Symposium. (abstract peer-reviewed, subsequent manuscript juried)

Uhlik, K. S., & Berendes, T.  (2008).Teaching the PVMGO concept through music.  EnACT: Ensuring Access through Collaborative Technology. and at (juried) 

Uhlik, K. S.  (2007).  The ghettoization of partnership research in leisure studies. Leisure Sciences: An Interdisciplinary Journal. 29(3), 309-314.  (invited).

Uhlik, K. S.  (2006).  The “nature” of leadership philosophy in outdoor and adventure education: Partnership or predation.   Journal of Adventure Education & Outdoor Learning, 6(2), 135-142.  (peer-reviewed)

Uhlik, K. S.  (2005).  If advising is teaching, then learning style matters. Clearinghouseof Academic Advising Resources.  (juried)

Uhlik, K. S.  (2004).  Midnight at the IDL: Textbook errors and time zone instruction.  Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 28(2), 197-208.  (peer-reviewed)

Uhlik, K. S.  (2004).  Visualizing academic advising in a learning styles context: A pyramid solution.  Schole, 19, 97-114.  (peer-reviewed)

Yang, H. & Uhlik, K.S.  (2004).  The Contribution of Social Support, Recreation Companionship, and Free Time Boredom to the Life Satisfaction of University Students with Disabilities.  Abstracts from the ATRA 2004 Research Institute, 27-33. (peer-reviewed, published as full article)

Uhlik, K. S.  (1997).  “Promise and practice: The dichotomous nature of partnerships between park and recreation departments, and higher education, in northeastern Ohio.”  OhioJournal of Science, 97(5), 103-106.  (peer-reviewed)

Uhlik, K. S.  (1995).  Partnership, step by step: A practical model of partnership formation.  Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, 13(4), 14-25.  (peer-reviewed)

Uhlik, K. S.  (1994).  Blurred vision: The myth of diversity in America and its impact upon leaders’ ability to implement successful diversity programs.  Research on Visionary Leadership: An Electronic Quarterly, 1(2).  (peer-reviewed)