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ScWk 298 Special Research Project

Time: Monday, 3:00pm - 5:45pm


This required Advanced Year course emphasizes the application of research, theory, policy and practice concepts and the acquisition of skills for systematic examination of social work issues and evaluation of professional social work practice with the Transcultural Perspective. Students conceptualize and organize a Master’s Special Project, which serves as the “capstone” experience for the Master of Social Work degree. The fall semester ScWk 298 course focuses on the conceptualization of the Special Project and the development of a written proposal for systematic examination of a social work issue or the evaluation of the student's own practice related to his/her concentration year field practicum setting. In the spring semester students will implement their projects, analyze their data, and write a final research report. Topics to be covered this semester include: an overview of professional writing styles; guidance in the selection of an appropriate research topic; the formulation of research questions and hypotheses; the development of measurement strategies and utilization of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies; and a review of SPSS software