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(Summer 2012) RELS 162: Religion & Political Controversy in the U.S.

Time: MW, 9:00 am - 1:10 pm
Location: Clark 204
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In this intensive summer session course, we will examine controversies surrounding the intersection of religion and politics in U.S. history, within the context of America’s diverse & dynamic cultural & religious landscape. We will give particular attention to minority and dissenting points of view within the broader American religious narrative. In so doing, we will put contemporary religious and political controversies in historical/cultural context and think critically about current/recent events and debates. Specific topics we will explore (among others) include: religious views on: gender & sexuality (including same-sex marriage & abortion); race, ethnicity & economic issues; populism (including the occupy movement & the tea party); evolution, creationism & intelligent design; nature & ecology; pacifism and war; the death penalty; terrorism; atheism.

Syllabus/Green Sheet

Syllabus posted below.