MAS 144: Chicana/o Literature

Time: MW 1:30-2:45pm

Location: Clark 243


Confronting legacies of racism and oppression, Chicana/o literature and poetry is a body of work marked by a concerted effort by Chicana/os to define themselves in new, non-stereotypical ways. This course will introduce you to Chicana/o literature from the 1940s to today. Our goal will be to explore how Chicana/os have used creative writing to reflect upon and written about their position as people of Mexican descent living within the United States. The primary texts we read share many themes: Shifting allegiances between life in Mexico and life in the US; resistance to changing conceptions of identity; gender and class tensions within Mexican communities; and the political nature not just of work, but also of home life. We will read a number of seminal novels, short stories and poems, and learn what it means to undertake close literary readings of our texts.

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