MAS 170: Hollywood's Image of Chicana/os

Time: Mondays 3:00 - 5:45pm

Location: SH 435


In this course, we will analyze representations of Chicana/os in Hollywood cinema, and discuss how Chicana/o actors and filmmakers have worked to challenge and disrupt mainstream stereotypes about our communities. Through this course, students will come to learn that film is much more than an art form and/or something we consume purely for entertainment purposes. It also is a political and cultural practice that reflects, recirculates, and sometimes contests long-held beliefs about who Chicana/os are and where they belong in American society. Through in-class film screenings, readings, activities, and discussions, students will learn how to evaluate and interpret moving images, symbols, and narratives as texts that are making powerful statements about Chicana/o cultures, families, labor, gender, and sexuality.

Course Documents