MAS 200: Ideologies and Chicana/o Experiences

Time: Wednesdays 6:00-8:45pm

Location: Clark 243


In this course, we will approach the topic of ideology through the lens of Mexican Americans’ educational experiences in the US. The course is structured as a four-part journey that will enable us to understand ideology and its applications to Chicana/o educational experiences. First, we lay the groundwork by exploring theories of ideology, discipline, and socialization. In part two, we take a look at Chicana/o educational history of the twentieth century. Next, we will seek to understand Chicana/o experiences in higher education and the strengths and values Chicana/os bring to academia. Finally, we take a step back to ask how we can undertake critical work in academia without falling prey to prevailing ideologies. 

Along the way, a variety of brief writing assignments will enable you to articulate your own responses to these complex ideas, as well as introduce you to graduate-level work. The class also includes writing workshops aimed at new graduate students and in-class workshopping of drafts. This course satisfies the Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement for the MAS department and meets the 3000-word Graduate Studies & Research requirement.


Course Materials