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MAS 200: Ideologies and Chicana/o Experiences

Time: Wednesdays 6:00-8:45pm
Location: Clark 243


n this course, we will approach the topic of ideology through the lens of Mexican Americans' educational experiences in the US. We will use the realm of the classroom as a case study for examining how Mexican Americans experience ideology and ideological "disciplining," as well as to gain a better sense of how our educational journeys are shaped by powerful but often unseen historical forces.

The course is structured as a three-part journey that will enable us to understand ideology and its applications to Chicana/o Studies. First, we will tackle theoretical texts that seek to define ideology and discipline. In part two, we deepen our understanding of ideology by seeing it "in action" in the early twentieth century notions of Mexican American citizenship, schooling, and intelligence. Finally, we will read memoirs by Mexican American authors who reflect on the relationship between their ethnic identity and educational experiences.