Publications & Presentations

Barrera, Magdalena L.

Publications & Presentations


Refereed Journal Articles

  • "’Doing the Impossible’: Tracing Mexican Women’s Experiences in Americanization Curricula, 1915-1920.” California History 93:4 (Winter 2016): 20-41."
  • “School Smarts: A Reflection of Pedagogical and Personal Insights.” Journal of Latinos and Education 13:3 (June 2014): 212 – 221.
  • “Domestic Dramas: Mexican American Music as an Archive of Immigrant Women’s Experiences, 1930 – 1950.” Aztlán: A Journal of Chicano Studies 37:1 (Spring 2012): 7 – 35.
  • “Of Chicharrones and Clam Chowder: Gender and Consumption in Jorge Ulica’s ‘Crónicas Diabólicas.’” Bilingual Review XXIX:1 (January – April 2008-2009): 49 – 65.


Book Chapters

  • “Relief and Resistance: Student Emotions in a Majority-Minority Ethnic Studies Classroom.” Teaching with Tension: Race, Resistance, and Reality in the Classroom, Ed. Philathia Bolton, Cassander Smith, and Lee Bebout (forthcoming in 2018 from Northwestern University Press).
  • “Snapshots: Case Studies in Action: Ana Castillo.” Latina/o Literature in the Classroom: 21st Century Approaches to Teaching. Ed. Frederick Aldama. New York: Routledge, 2015. 249 – 254.
  • “Hottentot 2000: Jennifer Lopez and Her Butt.” Sexualities in History: A Reader. Ed. Kim M. Phillips and Barry Reay. London: Routledge Press, 2001. 407 – 417.


Public Scholarship



  • Entre Guadalupe y Malinche: Tejanas in Literature and Art, edited by Inés Hernández-Ávila and Norma Elia Cantú, Revista Camino Real 8:12 (2017), 235-236.
  • A World Not to Come: A History of Latino Writing and Print Culture, by Raul Coronado, Aztlan: A Journal of Chicano Studies 39:2 (Fall 2014): 201-205.
  • Smeltertown: Making and Remembering a Southwest Border Community, by Monica Perales, Women's Studies 40:8 (November 2011): 116-1119.
  • Dangerous Curves: Latina Bodies in the Media, by Isabel Molina Guzman, Revista Camino Real 2:3 (2010): 182-184.


Recent Refereed Conference Papers

  • March 2018. “Conocimiento, Confianza, and Cariño: Building a Culturally-Resonant Academic Latinx Student Community,” American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education, Irvine, CA.
  • April 2017. “Teaching and Learning on the Front Lines,” Southwestern Anthropological Association, San Jose, CA.
  • October 2016, “Developing an Academic Resilience Workshop,” CSU Teaching and Learning Conference, San Jose State University.
  • July 2016, “Latina/o Studies: ‘Un-Disciplined’ Support for First-Generation Students,” Latino Studies Association, Pasadena, CA.