Publications & Presentations

Roldan, Malu

Publications & Presentations

  • Malu Roldan. "E-teams and Business Plan Competitions" Information Age. Article. Information Age, (July 2005).

    Abstract: Describes program design and outcomes of cross-functional entrepreneurial programs at San Jose State University and the University of San Francisco

  • Malu Roldan. "Tablet PCs as Online Learning Tools" Information Science. Article. Information Science, (October 2005).

    Abstract: Discusses how tablet PCs can enhance online learning in and out of the classroom.

  • Malu Roldan. "Toward 3rd Generation Threaded Discussons" Kluwer. Article. Kluwer, (February 2005).

    Abstract: Review and vision of how threaded discussion can be made more immediate and interactive by including cell phones and other mobile devices as access points.

  • Malu Roldan. "Assessing Academic Service Learning" Information Age. Article. Information Age, (October 2004).

    Abstract: Authors propose a framework for comparing program design and outcomes across disciplines. Two examples of its use are described, one in child development and the other in management information systems

  • Malu Roldan. "Building Context-Based Library Instruction" Heldref. Article. Heldref, (June 2004).

    Abstract: Effects of intensive library-faculty collaboration on students' library usage and perceptions of the quality of their papers.

  • Malu Roldan. "Fostering Creativity and Collaboration via Cross-" NCIIA. Conference. NCIIA, (March 2004).

    Abstract: Outcomes of course structure involving collaboration among Departments of Management Information Systems, Computer Engineering and Finance.

  • Malu Roldan. "Perceptions of Chilly IT Organizational Contexts" Association for Computing Machinery. Conference. Association for Computing Machinery, (April 2004).

    Abstract: Review of literature on organizational symptoms of subtle discrimination against women and impact on retention in IT organizations