MAS 135 - Contemporary Chicana/o Issues

Time: MW 12-1:15pm


MAS 135 is a Special Topics course that changes depending on the instructor and/or semester.  In the Fall of 2017, the objective of this course is to help students develop an understanding of the forces that contribute to the disenfranchisement of certain segments of the raza community as part of a larger process to develop the skills to work WITH communities toward racial and social justice.  The unique approach of this course is to allow students to see specific models of working for racial and social justice in action.  This will provide students the opportunity to clearly understand your own strengths and areas for growth in participating in social justice work, to develop your skills in these areas, and to consider the ways in which you can continue this work after the class ends.  Our work in class, therefore, will focus on youth and their experiences in these communities.  Still, each of you can choose your own area of emphasis for your work in the class.  Students will also have the opportunity to continue this work through an Independent Study/Internship in the Spring semester (former 135 students have done this and even been hired by the sites where they have interned).


Syllabus & Readings

These are all of the course readings [with the exception of the Boyle book and Chapters 2-4 of Rios, both of which are on reserve in the library].



Online Resources