Publications & Presentations

Dr. Margo McBane, Ph.D.

Publications & Presentations


  • 2007: Reviewed Making Lemonade Out of Lemons: Mexican American Labor and Leisure in a California Town, 1880-1960 by José Alamillo, American Historical Review Spring Issue.
  • 2005: Reviewed Beasts of the Field: A Narrative History of California Farmworkers, 1769-1913 by Richard Street. Journal of Ethnic History Spring Issue


  • 1998: Co-authored with Anthea Hartig, "'Oranges on the Plains of Id': The Influence of the Citrus Industry on San Gabriel Valley Communities," California Politics & Policy, a journal of the Edmund G. Brown Institute of Public Affairs, 1998.
  • 1995: "The Role of Gender in Citrus Employment: A Case Study of Recruitment, Labor, and Housing Patterns at the Limoneira Company, 1893-1940," California History, California State University Hayward, May.
  • l983: "The History of Women Farmworkers in California" (A description of this collection is cited in the Women's Oral History Directory), Frontiers, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado.
  • l979: Elizabeth Nicholas Oral History Interview included into the Women and Work Oral History Collection, Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • l978: "The History of Women Farmworkers," Women's Educational Equity Communications Network, San Francisco, CA.
  • l978: "Labor Pains: The History of Women Farmworkers in California," California History, San Francisco, California, December.


  • 2007: Chapter: “Culture Vultures: White New Womanhood’s Preserving and Reinterpreting California’s ‘Primitive’ Heritage of Native Americans, Mexicans and The Wilderness, 1880s to 1930s.” in Considering America from Inside and Out: A San Jose/Ostrava Dialogue Sharing Perspectives. Ostrava, Czechoslovakia: University of Ostrava Press, 2007.
  • l976: The History of California Agriculture: Focus on Women Farmworkers, Watsonville: Watsonville Press, 1976.


  • "Looking Back: Nuclear Pacifists and the l950s Peace Movement," April l985, KCSB radio, Santa Barbara, CA.
  • "Looking Back: U.S. Women Who Worked in Latin America," l985, KCSB radio, Santa Barbara, CA.
  • "Looking Back: Women and Work, the 20th Century American Experience," l985, KCSB radio, Santa Barbara, CA.
  • "Looking Back: Consider the Alternative: Resisters to the Good War, Parts I and II," l985, KCSB radio, Santa Barbara, CA.
  • "Looking Back: The History of Homelessness, Parts I, II, and III," l985, KCSB radio, Santa Barbara, CA.
  • "Talkin' Farmwork Blues: The History of Anglo and Asian Farmworkers in California, Part I," l979, and "Talkin' Farmwork Blues: The History of Mexican Farm Labor in California between l900-l964, Part II," l980, both produced at Western Public Radio (NPR affiliate), aired on Pacifica Broadcasting Network (KPFA, KPFK, etc.), held in Pacifica Archives, Los Angeles, CA.


  • Paper Presenter, “A House of Citrus Built on Oil: The Role of Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Citizenship in the Development of California’s Limoneira Company, The World’s Largest Lemon Ranch, 1890-1941” on panel “Laboring to Build Masculinity in the American West.” American Historical Association Conference in San Diego, CA January 2010. Co-Paper Presenter (with Suzanne Guerra), “Los Olvidados/The Forgotten Ones: The History of Mexicans of the Santa Clara Valley, 1920s-1950s” on panel “The Culture of California Workers: Past and Present.” Social Science History Association conference Long Beach, California November 2009 Paper Presenter, “Whitening and Civilizing California’s Agricultural Primitive: Women Reformers in the Cultural Borderlands of Theater, Americanization and Farm Work, 1910s to the 1940s,” on panel “Culture Vultures? White New Womanhood’s Preserving and Reinterpreting California’s ‘Primitive’ Heritage, 1880s-1940s.” Berkshire Woman’s History Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 2008 Paper Presenter, “Museum & Communities of Color with Conflicting Expectations: A Case Study of the Del Monte Cannery Oral History Project,” (Panel) “Hard Times, Hard History: Finding Common Ground for Community History Projects During Period of Fiscal Downturns.” National Council of Public History April 2007, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Walking Tour Co-Presenter, “History of Downtown San Jose from Pueblo to 1900s,” Organization of American Historians, March 2006, San Jose, CA. Paper Presenter, “Women on the World War I Homefront: Women’s Suffrage and the Woman’s Land Army,” NEH Sponsored Film Series on World War I, Martin Luther King Jr.Library, Fall 2005. Paper Presenter, “Using Gender to Build Racial Bridges: A Public History Investigation into the Impact of Barbara Webster, Principal of Santa Paula’s First Mexican School, 1925-1948,” Grove Talk: Voices from the Southern California Citrus Region Panel, California Council for the Promotion of History Conference, Humboldt, California, September 2004. Paper Presenter, “Racial Borders and Frontiers: The History of the Limoneira Company Founders and the Citrus Labor Force, 1891-1917,” “Public History and Race in the West” panel at National Environmental Conference and Public History Conference, Victoria, British Columbia, April 2004. Race and Borders Conference of the California Council for the Promotion of History Conference, San Diego, October 2003. Paper Presenter, “The Racialized Wilderness: The Story of California’s Wilderness Playground of Tuolumne County.” Race and Place in the Americas Conference, University of Alabama, Birmingham, Alabama, March 2003. Paper Presenter, “Civil Rights on the Edge: The Texas Chapter of the Southern Conference for Human Welfare, 1941 to mid-1950s,” Oral History Association Annual Conference, St. Louis, Missouri, October 2001. Paper Co-Presenter, “Community Heritage, Education, Retrieval, and Preservation: The City of Rancho Cucamonga, the County of Tuolumne, and the Archives of CSU Humboldt,” Western History Association and California Council for the Promotion of History Joint Conference, San Diego, CA. September 2001. Speaker, “A History of California Ethnic Agriculture’s Labor Force,” Annual Ecological Farming Conference, Asilomar, Monterey, California, January 2001. Speaker, “Mexican Immigration Oral History Projects in the Southwest,” Townsend Lecture Series, Bancroft Library, U.C. Berkeley, California, October 2000 Mobile Workshop Tour Co-Guide, "Citrus Gold: A Driving Tour of La Verne and Claremont," by Dr. Matthew Garcia, Ms. Margo McBane, Ms. Anthea Hartig, and Dr. Vince Moses, The California Studies Conference X, University of Southern California, February 1998, Los Angeles, CA. Commentator, To Mike Davis' Keynote Talk, "From Citrus to High Tech: The San Gabriel Valley in Historical Perspective," CSULA “Pat” Brown Institute’s California Issues Conference, November 20-21, 1997, City of Industry, CA. Slide/Paper Co-Presenter, "Squeezing the Past: The Perils and Promise of Heritage Tourism in the Southern California Citrus Belt," by Anthea Hartig and Margo McBane," The California Council for the Promotion of History Conference, October 23-27, 1997, Ventura, CA Paper Presenter, "Practicing Applied History in the Citrus Belt: A Case Study of The Citrus History Project," by Vince Moses and Margo McBane, Southern California Environment and History Conference, September 18-20, 1997, California State University Northridge, CA. Paper Presenter, "Museums, Local Historical Societies, and the California Council for the Humanities: Bringing Social History Perspectives to the Local History Audience," Organization of American Historians Conference, April 1997, San Francisco, CA. Breakout Resource Session Presenter, "California Council for the Humanities: A Source for Funding," California Association of Museums Conference, July 1996, Monterey, CA. 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Paper Presenter, "The Role of Gender in Mexican Citrus Employment at the Limoneira Company, 1893-1940," The Women's Association of the American Historical Association Conference, Huntington Library, May 1994, San Marino, CA. Slide/Paper Presenter, "The Role of Gender in Citrus Employment and Comparative Citrus Work Cultures: A Case Study of the Limoneira Company, 1893-1940," History of the New West Year-Long Seminar, University of California Clark Library, April 1994, and Citrus Conference, Huntington Library, February 1994, San Marino, CA. Panel Chair, Transforming the West: Women Meeting Goals in Two Cultures, 9th Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, Vassar College, June 11-13, 1993. Paper Presenter and Panel Chair, "Gender and Citrus in Ventura County, California, 1915-1930," Rural/Farm Women in Historical Perspective Conference, University of California Davis, June 1992, Davis, CA. 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Slide/Paper Presenter, "Tillie the Toiler: The Impact of the Woman's Land Army of World War I on the California Farm Labor Structure," Rural Women in Historical Perspectives Conference, New Mexico State University, February l984, Las Cruces, New Mexico; Western Women Historians Conference, Huntington Library, Spring l984, San Marino, CA. Slide/Paper Presenter, "The History of the World War I Woman's Land Army of America," Southwest Labor Studies Conference, California University, March l983, San Jose, CA. Slide/Paper Presenter, "The History of Mexican Women Farmworkers in California Agriculture," Mexicana/Chicana History Conference, University of California, March l982, Los Angeles, CA. Introductory Commentator, "Women Workers in Banking and Financial Institutions," to film "The Wilmar Eight," Women's History Week, March l982, University of California, Davis, CA. Slide/Paper Presenter, "The History of Mexican Farmworkers in California Agriculture," Women in Agriculture Conference, University of California, January l982, Davis, CA.; and Southwest Labor Studies Conference, University of New Mexico, Spring l981, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Paper Presenter, "The History of Women Farmworkers," Women in Agriculture Conference, University of California, January 21, 1991, Davis, CA. Panel Organizer and Chair, "Dust Bowl Migrants; A Problem in Retrospect by Oral History Interviewees: Fred Ross FSA, Camp Director, John Pennington Oklahoma Farmworker, and Elizabeth Nicholas Union Organizer," Southwest Labor Studies Conference, San Francisco State University, Spring l980, San Francisco, CA. Photo Exhibitor, "The History of California Women Farmworkers," National Association of Farmworker Organization Conference, January l979, Washington D.C.; also displayed at Southwest Labor Studies Conference, California State University Dominguez Hills, Spring l979, Dominguez Hills, CA.; and at Central Coast Counties Development Corporation (a farmworkers cooperative organization), Summer l979, Salinas, CA.