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Psychology 195 - Honors Seminar

Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:30 -- 11:45 (Spring 2014)
Location: DMH 359
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PSYC 195. Honors Seminar in Psychology. Intensive examination of background and current status of student-selected problems. Course is repeatable once for credit. Prerequisite: at least 18 units of PSYC or STAT with a gpa of at least 3.5; PSYC 120; and senior standing. Enrollment limited to qualified students. Repeatable for credit. 3 units.

Syllabus, Assignments, and Examples

This section contains the course syllabus (occasionally updated), an expanded description of the course assignments (occasionally updated), and some examples of strong student submissions for the summary/critique assignments

Presentation Schedule

Tracking this document will become very important to you. The topics (other than chapters and metaphors) are examples from prior years only. They are not restrictive. We will start with the "metaphors" presentation and then the Gould chapters. After this we will do the historic intelligence figure presentations. We will finish the modern intelligence and Methods I presentations next. Then Methods II presentations will will, in turn, be followed by the Faculty Article presentations. The Project Background presentation will precede the last presentation on your 'full' project presentation. For the earlier presentations, there will be cross-over in the presentations such that some PRES#2 will occur before some PRES#1s, etc.

Metaphor Presentations (2014)

These are the student presentations of the seven metaphors of intelligence. Each should be about a five to ten minute presentation that defines the metaphor and provides an illustration of the type of explanation it offers. Useful visuals are nice where appropriate. Geographic Metaphor Computational Metaphor Biological Metaphor Epistemological Metaphor Sociological Metaphor Anthropological Metaphor Systems Metaphor

Method / Ethics (second) 2014

Everyone's second Methods/Ethics presentations.

Modern or Historical Presentation (2014)

In-Class presentation of a modern of historical article pertinent to the topic of your meta-analysis

Faculty (2014)

Short, 3 or so slide, presentations of research by SJSU Psychology Faculty presented by students in the honors seminar. Students are encouraged to meet with and discuss the papers with the relevant faculty members.

Final Exam Time

The EXAM has been moved (with the permission of the DEAN). our final (due date for projects + the last couple presentations) is now MONDAY at 9:45 AM. for now the room is TBA (hopefully our usual room is available, but if not, we'll find a space).