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Mark G A Van Selst

Van Selst, Mark

Professor,  Psychology

Additional Contact Information

Phone Number(s)
(408) 924-5674

Office Hours
SUMMER 2014: June 2 - Aug 8; Tues/Thurs 12:30 to 2:00 (except June 5, July 24, 26)

Areas of Expertise: Information Technology, Education

Not a media source Media Source   Willing to be a speaker Speaker   Willing to be a collaborative researcher Collaborative Researcher


  • Doctor of Philosophy. Foreign Institution, 1995
  • Master of Arts, Psychology
    Foreign Institution, 1991
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
    Foreign Institution, 1989

Expertise Summary

cognitive psychology; human factors; dual-task processing; visual perception; practice effects; the influence of outlier data points on statistical hypothesis testing; object recognition; word processing; sailing; unconscious processes; prospective memory; alcohol (psychopharmacological influences of alcohol on human information processing); statewide transfer initiatives; CSU academic senate