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This site will be updated regularly with information for FS students regarding internship opportunities, upcoming workshops, FSS news, and guest speakers in the FS Seminar Series. Please check back frequently for updates on all things Forensic at SJSU!

Program Brochure & Major Forms (Updated Fall 2013)

Major Advising is with Dr. Steve Lee (MacQuarrie 509) or with me, Mary Juno (MacQuarrie 511). Please bring all appropriate forms (filled out) with you to advising appointments. Usually this includes an updated major form. See below.

Minor in Forensic Studies

The Forensic Studies Minor is a new, non-science minor offered by the Justice Studies Department and the Forensic Science Major. The Minor is designed for students interested in proper evaluation and documentation of physical evidence and crime scene investigation, and its purpose is to provide formal training in this area. Topics include evaluation, documentation, and preservation of physical evidence; the requirements of the forensic laboratory; forensic analytical processes and methods; limitations of physical evidence; scientific thinking; and probative value of evidence in court. The Minor allows students to take courses in their area of interest (Forensic Science) without the heavy chemistry and biology course load of the major. Note: Students interested in working in a crime lab should MAJOR in FORENSIC SCIENCE.


Below are the Powerpoints from our FS Internship Panel (Feb 12, 2013). Thank you to all presenters, and to all who attended. Please see me (MQH 511) or Dr. Lee (MQH 509) for more information on current internship opportunities. You should prepare a cover letter and resume and plan to apply at least one full semester BEFORE you intend to do the internship. Please submit your cover letter and resume directly to me or Dr. Lee for feedback before you apply.


The JS Department annually awards scholarships to both JS and FS students. Contact the JS Department directly for more information on those. In addition to these departmental awards, there are numerous university and outside scholarships. Two are listed below:

Forensic Science Students (FSS)

The purpose of the FSS is to provide a forum for forensic science students to exchange information on courses, research, scholarships, internships and other opportunities; to provide a mentor/mentee platform; to build strong relationships with peers; to facilitate professional contacts within the forensic science community by hosting seminars and guest speakers; and to make available activities which reflect the interests of the group. Active FSS members also have the option to graduate with Forensic Science Students regalia. Come to a meeting, help out at a bake sale, join us for fun times. Contact: