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Spring 2015 Welcome Letter Biology 10

Welcome to Spring 2015! This class is 100% online, so be prepared for lots of reading, videos and emails. I will send out your syllabus and additional course information next week, so please hold all your questions until then. For now, please watch the welcome video below and purchase your two required materials that you will need during the first week of school. We will have a 15 point quiz based on your reading in Write, Present, Create and all of your chapter homework will be done in MindTap. Please have both of these materials purchased and ready to go by our first day of class, January 22. You will not be able to access Canvas (our free learning management system) or the due dates in MindTap until class officially begins on January 22. However, please purchase your required materials now.

There are only two required items you need to purchase for Biology 10, Write, Present, Create: Science Communication for Undergraduates ( and access to Cengage MindTap  . There is no required textbook for this class. Your online access purchase to Cengage MindTap - which is an online platform for interactive homework - includes a free copy of an eBook. If you wish to purchase a hardcopy book, you can, but it is not required and we will not be using it. The Starr textbook that is associated with our MindTap is a great option, but purchasing a hardcopy book is 100% up to you.

Go watch  NOW!

Each student must purchase all of the following (I have negotiated with each publisher for a special discount for my students if they purchase directly through the links I have provided below. You may purchase through Spartan Bookstore, but it will most likely be more expensive.).

PURCHASING INFORMATION FOR Item 1 of 2:  Write, Present, Create: Science Communication for Undergraduates (Preliminary Edition)

The required book for my BIOL 10 course, Write, Present, Create: Science Communication for Undergraduates (Preliminary Edition), is published and distributed by Cognella, Inc. The book is now available for purchase in both print and digital formats through their student e-commerce store (

I have carefully chosen this book to provide you with the best learning experience. Please purchase it ASAP to stay on top of your readings. Doing so will help you be successful in this class.

Print Price: $26.95
Digital Price: $24.95

The book includes readings that we will use in class daily, so you should purchase your own copy. Also, please keep in mind that our institution adheres to copyright law, so any copyrighted material should not be copied or duplicated in any manner.

I strongly encourage you to buy this textbook directly from the publisher. This will ensure you receive the following benefits:

Best price available. The publisher offers a 20% discount off of the book’s list price and there are no third-party price markups applied.
Most updated edition. Only the current, most recent edition is available, unlike other vendors who may carry older editions.
Immediate access to your own full or partial (FREE 30% PDF) e-book from within your student account. Full e-books work with various mobile devices.
To purchase the textbook, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Log on to
Step 2: Create an account or log in if you have an existing account to purchase.
Step 3: Easy-to-follow instructions guide you through the rest of the ordering process. Payment can be made by all major credit cards.
Step 4: After purchasing, you can access your full or partial e-book by logging into your account and clicking My Digital Materials to get started on your readings right away.

Orders are typically processed within 24 hours and the shipping time will depend on the selected shipping method and day it is shipped (orders are not shipped on Sundays or holidays). If you experience any difficulties, please email or call 800.200.3908 ext. 503.

Purchasing Information for our MindTap course Item 2 of 2, $70.00

Biology 10 - 01

Instructor  :  Mary Poffenroth

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Free Trial: If you are unable to pay at the start of the semester you may choose to access MindTap until 11:59 PM on 02/11/2015 during your free trial. After the free trial ends you will be required to pay for access.
Please note: At the end of the free trial period, your course access will be suspended until your payment has been made. All your scores and course activity will be saved and will be available to you after you pay for access.

If you already registered an access code or bought MindTap online, the course key to register for this course is:  MTPP­9B7P­Z1X6